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Friday, March 03, 2006


Shanta parisar. banglyanchi colony. Rastyachya ajubajula bharpur zaada, tyavar pakShancha kilbilat. Duparchi weL asunahi sawalitla sukhad garva.

Diwasbhar me jithe baste tya so called "state-of-the-art" vatavarNat, ani dupari 20 min me jithe walk la jate tya "artistic" vatavarNat kiti farak ahe.

Office madhe amhi nehemi aikto. Superior facilities. Ithe awajacha tras hoNar nahi, Un-Paus-Thandi cha kahi tras hoNar nahi, basayla atiShay comfortable khurchya astil, kuthehi kami jasti ujed nasel, ekdam uniform ujed asel, etc etc.

Pan tyachyamule me kittek diwasat pakshyancha -sadha chiMNyancha sudhha awaj aiklela nahi. Baher paus padtanna aat yeNara maticha waas ghetla nahiye, ki kadaKyachya thandit unhachya tiripet jaun basNyachee mala ata sandhee nahi.
White lights kitihi bright asle, tari tyanchya prakaShala lakKHa mhaNta yeNar nahi.

chaukoni chaukoni, thokLyat arthtat "cubicles" madhe basun amhala "out of the box thinking" karayla sangNe he ironic nahi ka?

kalpanashakti hee conceptach muLat mukta vicharanbaddal ahe, mag bandista vatavarNat basun tee changlya prakare kaam karel, asa kuNala ka vatla asawa kay mahit.

sadhya tari evdhach. ata me parat "out of the box thinking" karayla jate.

Monday, October 03, 2005

half blood prince

am finally out of my blogger's block, and suddenly theres this rush of thoughts about what to write.

I think the new Harry Potter (its not that new anymore :D) would be a good start.

Childish as it may seem, I am one of those Harry Potter fans who were dying to get their hands on the book as soon as it was out.
Being committed to the cause, I finished it in a week, and can't help appreciating
J K Rowling.

She is truly, a master of imaginative writing. As soon as you start reading, within a few pages you are in your own world of magic, imagining each spell, each act, each concept.
You get involved in the characters and the plot, and then as the plot thickens, you race towards finishing the book to find out the answers to all the questions in your mind (and the book).

For all those who think against Harry Potter & J K Rowling (my mom is one of them... :d)
I would definitely suggest a read. I don't say she is the best kids' story writer ever... blah blah, but I think she is one of the best.

I think all the Bha.Ra. Bhagwat (Fa-Fe), and Enid Blyton fans should definitely give the HP books a try.

The good part ( my perspective) abt the whole affair is that the HP movies are no match for the books. (not that I miss any of the movies though :d)

anyways I am not such a die-hard fan that I can continue beyond this, so time to stop.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

media aka gen NXT moral police ?

Just the other day, I had a good time reading, a blog where ppl criticize the "Pune Times", TOI's local supplement.
I do quite share their opinions about this bakwass 4 page supplement of one of the best dailys I have ever read.

I was reading the editorial of the TOI during my coffee break today, and chanced on this article about Dhanonjay Chatterjee- media's new found martyr (and judiciary's death sentenced convict).
The article appropriately criticized the media for creating an atmosphere where a rapist and a killer got so much sympathy, and so much publicity- they made an issue out of it. The article pointed out that media ought to be more responsible and should know what they are making into a high profile story.

As I left the pantry, a glance at the PT showed me the irony-- Articles on how numerology affects how sexy your name becomes, articles on how to have a good time in the bed, some hollywood actor and his n'th girlfriend, one full page of party reports showcasing skimpily dressed ppl boozing and smoking as the representatives of pune's culture!

and they talk about media's responsibility...

Monday, September 13, 2004

my first blog

writing my first blog...

i would like to write in marathi, but i know it will be tough because of my "(a)shuddhalekhan".
so, i will resort to minglish every now and then.